Career Day

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Mar 21, 2023 09:45 - 15:45

Career Day

On Tuesday 21 March, starting at 09.45, all first-year Bachelor Industrial Design students are invited to Career Day, a day in which you can orientate on career options, and develop your professional identity further! Don't miss out on this day as you will not only learn skills but it will also be a nice day with good lunch together with other first years! The faculty also expects you to be there as they ensured that they will not give any lectures. The Career Day will exist of an opening talk from the faculty and exciting workshops, provided by Koos Service Design and Hike One. You can choose between one of the two workshops; one is about Figma and the other is about Customer Journey Mapping. Make sure to register for the workshop as soon as possible because full = full! (Note: registration is only possible for first years)

Remark: If you are not able to come to the Career Day then you must notify your absence with reasoning by sending a mail to


Hike One

Ever struggled to work effectively together when working with a group on a digital product? Interested in how companies manage to do this while having even more designers work on a single project? Or are you just interested in what Figma can offer you as a design tool? Dive into our Figma workshop to learn more about how digital designers work within and across teams. This workshop will teach you how to design digital products using Figma while working together with multiple designers. Hike One is a digital design agency working for clients such as Marktplaats, Signify, Lightyear, and many more!

Koos Service Design

Customer journey mapping is one of the most common and essential tools in the service design process. It allows you to plot the entire user experience of a service through the eyes of its users.

This way, the customer journey map provides important insights about which areas to focus on when improving your service. Come to this workshop, and build upon your basic knowledge about Customer Journeys by understanding how to use this tool at its full potential! This workshop is also very useful for strengthening your PI&V and getting inspiration for your portfolio! 


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