Committee overview

Hello Lucid member! 

This page contains all the committees Lucid has, who is in it and what they do. But first, what even is a committee?

A committee is an exciting and educational opportunity for personal development. It's a collaborative group of enthusiastic individuals working together towards a specific activity or goal throughout the year. Whether it's organizing trips, workshops, festivals, or engaging in continuous work within promotional or social committees, you'll have a chance to bring amazing events to life!

It's a great way to immerse yourself in the association, forge new friendships, and expand your network. You'll get to know the inner workings of the organization, all while having fun and have your own contribute. You get the change to develop essential skills like event planning, project management, communication, teamwork, and leadership—skills that are less present within most study courses.

So, if you're ready for an exciting adventure, join one of our committees. You'll be amazed at how much you can learn and grow while having an absolute blast!

Do you want to know what committees Lucid had in the past and what they did? Check them out below by year!

Committees 2022-2023

Career committees

Within career committees you will work on events for students to expand their network, meet new people, and make meaningful connections. While working on these events, it is also the perfect opportunity for you to do the same; connect with new people, companies, and have fun working together while leveling up your professional skills.




ID Connect organize the biggest network event of the year! This is a networking event where students can experience the value of Industrial Design within companies and can connect with them. It's an evening filled with inspirational speakers from the design field, design case pitch battles, and a networking drink to connect with each other. Within this committee you will work together with big and small companies, external locations, and connect with alumni and people in the design industry. But there is also room to work hard on the promotion of a big event or work on the coordination of everything. 

The main goal of IDcareer is to introduce Industrial Design (ID) students to companies and give them insight into the ID landscape. They bring them together through different and diverse activities. These range from smaller one-day activities and lectures, to larger design cases which could span over a few weeks. Some examples are an Internship dinner or a Design showcase with the universities of Twente and Delft. Put out your creativitiy within this committee, there is a lot of space to organize unique events to connect students and companies!

ID Connect 2023-2024

Floris Beekman Chairman
Alicia Poels Secretary
Dave van Zon Treasurer / Events
Julia Steinebach Events
Sabarna Senathirajan Events
Amélie Jansen Events / Promo
Rebecca Hernando Promotion
Ioana-Maria Caramiciu External affairs
Thijs Rexwinkel External affairs
Raoul Boelaars External affairs
Astrid van Dijk Board Responsible

Education Committees

Being part of an education committee not only expands the educational experience for students but also brings numerous benefits to ones in the commitee. By joining a committee, members get the opportunity to connect with new people, including professionals in various fields. This networking aspect opens doors to valuable connections and insights, offering a chance to learn from experienced individuals and gain industry-specific knowledge. Education committees specifically are all about fostering a well-rounded education that goes beyond textbooks and classrooms, helping students grow intellectually and professionally.

Educational Trip



E.T. organise a trip abroad. It is a trip for all Lucid members to join. During the trip, students can enjoy the wonderful culture, food and drinks, along with educational activities, like visiting local companies and universities. During these trips you can explore the ID landscape in different countries and experience their way of working.

CuriosID provides interactive experiences of education through workshops to help people discover their interests, and try out new stuff! These workshops are mostly done professionally by an external party, such as pottery throwing. There are also a few more low-key workshops that aim to help students relax and come into contact with eachother.  

ET 2023-2024

Emmelie Schraven Board Responsible
Myrte ter Doest Chairman
Bart Idsinga Secretary
Joey Hobrecker Treasurer
Teo Ossevoort External affairs
Siebe Nieuwhof Promotion
Britt de Clercq General member

CuriosID 2023-2024

Sebas Ropers Board Responsible/ Secretary
Corina Eerden Chairman
Jeroen Polderman Treasurer
Neomi van Kuijk External affairs
Elena Jansen Promotion



Leisure Committees

Leisure committees focus on creating moments of relief and enjoyment for individuals outside of their studies. Whether it's planning small-scale gatherings or large-scale events, their main goal is to provide a space where members can unwind and engage in activities that spark joy and foster creativity. These events offer a much-needed break from academic responsibilities, allowing members to recharge, connect with others, and indulge in leisurely pursuits. Get creative in these committees and get the opportunity to bring large groups of people together!




Luski organizes a skiing trip with lots of skiing, snowboarding, après skiing, some sledding, falling from a few hills and of course an opportunity to meet new people! Always wanted to organize such a big trip? Join the committee and help with the biggest trip within Lucid!

Lucid’s Awesome Party Department better known as LAPD organizes the best parties of Lucid. LAPD has multiple parties through out
the year, which mostly takes place on Stratum. As committee you work hard to arrange the best location, create an amazing theme around the party and promote through whole Lucid. But besides the parties, they also organized a small gala or a murder mystery in the past so everything is possible!

Luski 2023-2024

Linde Hoekstra Board Responsible
Daniël de Goederen Chairman/ External Affairs
Toby D McKnight Secretary
Femke Veenvliet Treasurer
Reijer Koudenburg Promotion
Binc Hendriks Chief Activities
Jort Postema Chief Activities

LAPD 2023-2024

Steef Aerts Board Responsible
Caleb Hyman Chairman
Jannes van Winden Secretary
Aukje van den Berg Treasurer
Sem van Birgelen Promotion
David Amadeus Vroegindeweij External affairs
Myrthe Dumont Experience

Introduction week

First Years Weekend


This committee organize probably one of the most fun weeks for students, the Introduction week! They work hard to realize a fun theme within the Intro that expreses itself in a design case, workshop, campus market, and party. Some examples of themes of the last 5 years are Panterprintro, Wintro and Intropical!

This committee organize a weekend away for the first years to get to know each other and Lucid. As committee you work hard to organize fun activities throughout the weekend and learn how to coordinate a large group of people. 

First Years Weekend 2023-2024

Caleb Hyman Chairman
Jelena Blazina Blazina Chief Activities
Laura Dariane Sandra Ms Keller Secretary
Siebe Nieuwhof Treasurer
Roos Moorees Promotion
Jeanneke Smeets Chief Communication

Intro Committee 2023-2024

David Amadeus Vroegindeweij Chairman
Elise Muller Secretary
Jannes van Winden Treasurer
Myrthe Dumont Promotion
Aukje van den Berg Programming / Intro parent responsible
Ole Tummers External affairs
Mauro van der Linden Programming / External Affairs
Steef Aerts Board Responsible

Activity Committee


The Activity Committee is a committee that organizes (low-key) leisure events. Their goal is to connect Lucid members by organizing fun activities such as a movie night or a trip to a city. We are still looking for new committee members, so don't hesitate to reach out to us!

MoveID! organizes sports events! Cool examples are the Batavierenrace or collaborations with sports associations. Their goal is to connect people and keep everyone happy and healthy.  Interested to join the committee? Don't hesitate to reach out!

MoveID! 2023-2024

Amber Baars -
Elias Bouwman -
Astrid van Dijk Board Responsible
Thijs Rexwinkel Treasurer


Conduct Festival

Conduct is Lucid’s yearly music festival. Every year the committee delivers another adventurous edition which connects our members with each other and to other students in Eindhoven. As a committe member you can focus on the experience, programming, promotion or play a facilitating role in the biggest party of the year!

Conduct 2023-2024

Thomas Keulers External affairs
Bart de Vree Treasurer / Experience
Evita Maria Jager Secretary / Experience
Niels Horrevoets Chairman / External Affairs
Isabella Faber Promotion
Seppe van Drie Board Responsible
Jan Jenniskens Facilities/Experience
Lot Willems Experience/Programming
Constanze Bachg Merch
Raoul Boelaars Promotion
Wouter Sluis Facilities

Facilities Committees

Facilities committees are essential teams that provide various facilitation services within an association. True to their name, these committees play a crucial role in enabling smooth operations by offering a range of services. This can include managing drinks and refreshments during events, capturing moments through photography or creating memorable books/managing. Facilities committees are highly diverse, offering the committee members opportunities to develop specific skills and expertise within the committee. From honing organizational abilities to mastering technical skills, being part of these committees allows you to cultivate valuable competencies while contributing to the overall functioning and success of the association.


Bar Management


Although the bartenders is not really a committee, in the sence that it does not organize an activity, within the bartender pool, you play an important facilitating role within the association. It is a lot of fun to draft during drinks, pour different drinks, and do a shot will all bartenders!

The Bar.Management is responsible for facilitating everything that has to do with the Lucid.Bar. They provide Lucid members with the most important thing you need while studying: moments to relax and blow off some steam. By serving all kinds of delicious drinks and hosting fun events like Oktobar.fest, Atlas Underground, or the Hip Hop Drink. It is one of the busiest committee but it is definitely worth it!

Bartenders 2023-2024

Floris Beekman Bartender
Sem van Birgelen Bartender
Raoul Boelaars Bartender
Jelmer Bontje Bartender
Eline Maaike Breen Bartender
Koen Broekema Bartender
Britt de Clercq Bartender
Simone Cooijmans Bartender
Amélie Jansen Bartender
Abel Jongsma Bartender
Reijer Koudenburg Bartender
Levi Piets Bartender
Sabarna Senathirajan Bartender
Giulia Talamini Bartender
Neomi van Kuijk Bartender
Femke Veenvliet Bartender
Jens Vervoort Bartender
Dave van Zon Bartender
Wietske Zwinkels Bartender

Bar 2023-2024

Amira Grootaers Chairman
Floris van Warmerdam Secretary
Joost Wijnands Board Responsible / Treasurer
Klaas Muller Promotion
Niels Horrevoets Facilities
Noor Jeuken Events
Bart de Vree Events


Financial Control Committee


This control committee checks all expenses and incoming money of the treasurer and committees. Learn everything about finances and get lots of (exclusive) insights within the association! 

As BuiID, you work together with people from different years to create new and innovative products or systems. Work on different electronics, build new furniture, and improve your prototyping/making skills!

Financial Control Committee 2023-2024

Marco Crijns General member
Noor Jeuken General member
Raoul Boelaars General member
Shanya Migchelsen General member
Astrid van Dijk Board Responsible

BuilD 2023-2024

Linde Hoekstra Board Responsible
Klaas Muller Chairman
Lot Vogels Secretary
Euwe de Wilde Treasurer / PR
Abel Jongsma Chief facilities
Ole Tummers Promotion / Events
Neel Spinoy Promotion / Events
Hedde Buijs General member




Focus makes sure that every Lucid activity is captured and remembered forever. Improve your photographing skills and work together with great people!

In this committee you can express your love for music! They host low key events to connect people with a similar interest, whether that is learning a new instrument or finding a concert buddy! Creating new communities and connections.

Focus 2023-2024

Seppe van Drie Board Responsible
Sem van Birgelen Chairman
Iris Troost Secretary
Raoul Boelaars Treasurer
Ching Yee Chow General member
Leanda Wenus General member
Euwe de Wilde General member
Lot Vogels General member

LUMUS 23/34

Linde Hoekstra Board Responsible
Dotte van den Elshout Chairman
Eustacio Hiffens Secretary
Amélie Jansen Treasurer
Jochem Moed Promotion

UNID: Magazine

UNID Magazine 2023-2024

Sanne Jansen Promotion
Jort Wiersma Treasurer / Writer
Sophia Martens Chief Writers
Amélie Jansen Chairman
Corina Eerden Secretary / Graphics
Thijs van Diemen Chief Graphics
Seppe van Drie Board Responsible
Leanda Wenus General member
Siebe Nieuwhof General member
Eva Sherlock General member
Ole Tummers General member
Andrea Spg Spagnolo General member
Laura Dariane Sandra Ms Keller General member
Camila Vicent General member
Caelyn Cierra Giskus General member
Ioanna Spyridaki General member
Tomas Pieters General member