Final Presentations Heijmans Design Case

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Mar 21, 2024 12:30 - 14:00

Final Presentations Heijmans Design Case

By signing up here, you sign up to participate in the Heijmans Design Case! You can join by yourself, or as part of a team of up three members. If you are part of a team, all members have to sign up and leave the team name in the description.


Important Dates:

12th of March - Feedback presentations, here you'll present your progress and concepts to which Heijmans will give some feedback
21st of March - Final presentations, this is it, the moment you've been working towards for the past month! You'll deliver your very best pitch, and after hearing all of them Heijmans will decide on one big winner.


Since it has been so nerve wrecking we'll provide you with a free sandwich to calm your nerves.


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